Denis Rodriguez & Leonardo Remor

october 2019

The Brazilian duo has been collaborating since 2010, most visibly as co-founders of the experimental Galeria Península (2014-2017), which emphasized process-oriented works. Together they also organize the KAÁ rural residency, a nomadic platform that aims to discuss the breadth and scope of contemporary art research that takes nature as the source and place for creative innovation, whose first edition took place at the Yvy Maraey Institute in Porto Alegre, Brazil.

In their recent production they often act as witnesses and chroniclers of past and present times. Their goal is to create a setting, a gravitational field of cross genre aesthetic practices and social relevance. Their major concern is the continuous research, that favors a clear position on a specific subject, with which they can get to found an imaginary that oscillates between reality and fiction, between the mechanical routine and the episodic freedom, between lust for life and loss of truth.

Recent and selected shows: 2019, Kerexu, film screening, It’s All True/ É Tudo Verdade, 24th International Documentary Film Festival, 47th Gramado Film Festival and 30th KinoForum; 2019-2018, Aprendendo com o Barro (Learning from Mud), solo show, Centro Cultural São Paulo, São Paulo, Brazil; 2018, Open Spaces, curated by Dan Cameron, Belger Arts Center, Kansas City, USA; 2018, Continuum, curated by Henrique Menezes, Fundação Iberê Camargo, Porto Alegre, Brazil; 2017, The Fountain that Crossed the Line, KCAI Crossroads Gallery, Kansas City, USA; 2017, Curucu no Parquet, curated by Elaine Tedesco, Pinacoteca Barão de Santo Ângelo, Porto Alegre, Brazil; 2017, In The Shadow of The Cross (Performing Christianity), curated by Gala Berger, Casa W, Porto Alegre, Brazil; 2017-2016, Pariwat Jenipapo, Fotoativa, Belém, Brazil; 2016, Maelström (Preto Sobre Preto Em Fogo), Pera de Goma, Montevidéo, Uruguay; 2016, WaterScapes, curated by Jesse Brandler Firestone, BOX Contemporary, FATVillage, Miami, USA.

Rodriguez & Remos’s residency is made in collaboration with UKS.

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