Aleksei Borisionok

november 2018

Aleksei Borisionok is an art critic, independent curator and researcher who lives and works in Minsk and Vienna. He graduated from the Master’s program “Visual and Cultural Studies” at the European Humanities University in Vilnius, Lithuania and the Master’s program “Curating Art” at Stockholm University in Sweden. He curated exhibitions in the gallery Ў, the Literary Museum of Maxim Bahdanovich (Minsk, Belarus), Liljevachs Hubb and the Norberg Festival (Sweden), participated in the Kyiv School (Kyiv, Ukraine) and many other events. He co-founded Kalektar ( and “Work Hard, Play Hard” ( His texts were published in the magazines “Partisan”, “Moscow Art Magazine”, “Artaktivist”, “Hjärnstorm”, “Prastory” and others.

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